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Mouse Story Trap

Share your mouse stories. Mouse stories? That’s right. You all have one, and we know it!


A mouse story. If there is a foxy story, why not a mouse story? A story about all that story-related stuff that usually go into stories written with all the good qualities of a mouse. With a looooong tail and clever whiskers.

Artist in Residence January 2015 - Eve Kalyva

Eve Kalyva is an art critic and a writer. She has worked as a lecturer and collaborated with art institutions in Europe and Latin America, and is interested in the relation between art and politics, subversion and exploration. In her free time, Eve particularly enjoys dancing, travelling and all that has to do with horses.

Mouse Story Trap. A collection of mice and men in two acts (excerpt)


Prophet, announcing in loud voice: Here, here. The void is pregnant with possibility. It gives birth to the night, from which all creation steps forth.

Audience: But it is dark and we cannot see.

P: Fear not for our kind is equipped with sight and other senses that far exceed the capacities and comprehension of man. Step out of Plato’s cave and into the light.

Shuffle # 8

Check the latest Shuffle edition (#8) by the 4Bid gallery. Eve (OT301 artist in residence), Alex, Konstantin, Irina and Michael did wonders! It is still unfathomable how one can do so much with so little.

A proejct catalogue is coming up soon!

Transforms and Anatomical Thought Maps - by tanya pixie johnson

Transforms and Anatomical Thought Maps

Exploratory drawings and installation done during OT301 artist residency by south african-canadian artist tanya pixie johnson ( part of larger project entitled “Upside Down Mind”).


Suggestions from OT301 - "You Are Here" Giuliano Pappadopoli's architectural project 

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